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Since 1991, and better than 75,000 customers later, Hemp Basics is still here bringing the best quality Hemp and Hemp products to market. Since day one Hemp Basics has been at the forefront of the re-emergence of Hemp as a viable commercial product that has not yet realized its full potential - despite having been in continuous use by mankind for over 6,000 years.

Our company is working for a sustainable future by offering an entire product line of natural earth-friendly products from Hemp fiber grown and produced responsibly and locally manufactured in adherence to fair-trade practices and principles.







Hemp car was an alternative-fuel project car that utilized hemp biodiesel for fuel. Industrial hemp would be an economical fuel if hemp were legal to cultivate in the United States. Industrial hemp has no psychoactive properties and is not a drug. Hemp Car demonstrates the concept of hemp fuels on a national level and promotes the reformation of current law.

The car toured America, with stops in Canada, frequenting alternative-energy, environmental, and hemp-legalization events. The car departed from Washington D.C. on July 4, 2001 and returned home on October 2, 2001. The car generated publicity, emphasizing the utility of industrial hemp to modern society. We provided the public with information about biofuels, hemp, their uses, and current American laws. We established a world distance record for a vehicle utilizing hemp for fuel: 10,000 miles.

A network of hemp activists provided us with the hemp oil at planned intervals throughout the country. Funding, sponsorships, and networking were necessary for Hemp Car to succeed. We give great thanks to all of the activists and concerned citizens who made Hempcar possible.







The “European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” has formed itself as an association of Hemp primary processing companies within the EU (regular members). Associate members are associations, national organisations, companies and individuals working in the field of Industrial Hemp or other natural fibres. Become a member of the EIHA now!


A Team With A Passion For Hemp

Real Hemp LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stevia Corp (OTC: STEV), is dedicated to the socially responsible growth, harvest, processing and distribution of the highest quality hemp products available. Real Hemp serves the food, cosmetic and fiber industries and has the capability to provide raw, semi-processed, and processed hemp products. Real Hemp also works with an expert panel of doctors and researchers to supply the highest quality cannabinoid extracts.



Utilizing the latest technologies and working with its global partner network, Real Hemp is able to provide customized solutions for numerous hemp needs. Clean and green, from production to consumption and everything in between, Real Hemp is dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp products on the global market.



The Eco Elise project promotes a different perspective on “green”, one which does not revolve solely around tailpipe CO2. This holistic approach is in keeping with the progressive Lotus culture, driving Lotus to become the world’s green automotive consultancy. Sustainable materials, hemp, eco wool and sisal have been developed for body panels and trim and, combined with hi-tech water based paint solutions, showcase new affordable green technologies. The green credentials of the technology on show in the Eco Elise have been analysed throughout the lifecycle of the car.A green gear change display has been integrated into the dashboard to promote greener driving as well as a weight reduction programme, illustrating the holistic approach taken. The energy expended to manufacture the car has been evaluated, working to the 3R’s - Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

The new green materials sourced for this car have been carefully studied to ensure that each technology used reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle. The life of the components has been analysed; during the production stage, in-use and at the end of the vehicle’s life. The technology used aims to offer lower emissions of both solvents and CO2 in the lifecycle of the vehicle, with reductions in energy consumed during manufacture.

The renewable materials have been incorporated into the project, with hemp, eco wool and sisal providing natural, biodegradable engineering materials. Cleaner manufacturing processes have been sought, utilising the latest water based paint technology. Using this paint system saves energy and reduces emissions of solvents from the paint shop. Solar panels have been set into the hemp hard top to help power the electrical systems and give a means of renewable energy generation.With the use of locally farmed hemp, the carbon miles to produce the Eco Elise are reduced, in keeping with the holistic approach to this vehicle. The Eco Elise puts an emphasis on efficient driving techniques by using an “economy” gear change display to improve fuel efficiency and promote greener driving. The car has undergone a weight reduction programme to add a little extra lightness, assisting in more economical, greener driving.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable hemp technical fabrics have been used as the primary constituent in the high quality “A” class composite body panels and spoiler. The renewable hemp has exceptional material properties that make for a very strong fibre. Historically hemp has been used in the manufacture of rope, illustrating the great strength of the material.

The hemp fibres have also been used in the manufacture of the lightweight Lotus designed seats. An additional benefit of using hemp is that it is a natural resource that requires relatively low energy to manufacture and absorbs CO2 whilst growing as a plant through natural photosynthesis.


Hemp For Victory

This website is an extension of the book "Hemp for Victory: History and Qualities of the World's Most Useful Plant." [ISBN 0-9549939-0-X, London, Whitaker Publishing, 2006. Ordering information: info@whitakerpublishing.co.uk/www.whitakerpublishing.co.uk] On this site will be found excerpts from the book along with updates, posted in the aim of giving the hemp world the latest information on the growth of the hemp movement.



With outstanding knowledge and experience


What do we do?

CAT is an education and visitor centre demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability. We cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growing.


Hemp Fabric UK

The UK's first dedicated online Hemp fabric (textile) shopping experience!

At Hemp Fabric UK we aim to bring you the widest range of hemp and natural fabrics available any where in the UK. We have fabric in our online shop designed to fulfil just about any requirement, from soft delicate fabrics for clothing, to more substantial long lasting fabrics used for interior design and more. With your help and creative ideas we will be able to show the world that natural textiles can be beautiful as well as sustainable.




About Sarah Waterhouse

Sarah Waterhouse is an environmentally conscious design and printing company.

The company was established in 2007 and is run by Sarah Waterhouse, who designs and prints every piece of fabric by hand from her studio at Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield, England.

Sarah has been hand printing fabrics for 10 years and strongly believes that the Craft of hand printing is one that shouldn’t be lost in the primarily mechanised world of screen printing. Sarah’s passion and knowledge of environmentally friendly fabrics and printing techniques has led to a number of teaching opportunities within her field.



Hemp has been used to make clothes, textiles and ropes since the beginning of recorded history with the oldest known piece of fabric being made from Hemp and over 10,000 years old. As recently as the turn of the 20th century Hemp was still the dominant fabric before the rise of the synthetic fibre. With ever more breakthroughs in technology helping Hemp to leave its old image of rough sacking behind, you can be sure that the fabrics in the Hempiness range are super soft, extremely well wearing, have a beautiful drape and will leave you and your customers wondering what you did before you had Hemp.


A charity shop with a difference: everything you buy here saves at risk rainforest.

Our jewellery makes a perfect ethical gift. It’s made by the AMARNO women’s cooperative in Peru, who have seen their lives and livelihoods transformed by your donations. Our 100% organic cotton Tshirts feature exclusive designs by Cool Earth patron Vivienne Westwood. And if you’re looking for an innovative charity gift, why not sponsor an endangered rainforest tree.

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